Group Coaching

Group Coaching Focus: Project X

Whether you are a freelancer, a professional, or a business owner with ADHD, you are well acquainted with Project X. This is the project that is super relevant to you and your development as a professional and as a human. It is defining and revealing yet you gut and push and prod and pull and Project X will not budge. If you have ADHD it is likely that your are bumping up against some executive functioning challenge with regards to this initiative.

Group Coaching with Cam and Shelly

Imagine tapping into the wisdom, community, and support of an informed group of participants who understand your brain wiring and how to help you move your Project X forward.

Imagine accessing a proven coaching model based on the latest advances in ADHD, coaching, and neuroscience.

Imagine embracing a collaborative accountability model delivered by an author and thought leader in the field of positive accountability.

For an investment of $550, this 8 week coaching program includes:

  • A proven coaching process that emphasizes a balance of action and learning
  • A cutting edge ADHD model to better understand your unique ADHD experience
  • A small group format that promotes individual attention and a wealth of collective wisdom
  • Follow-up accountability sessions embedded in the 8 week program to solidify new habit development.

    This experience takes a strengths-based approach to implementing and continuing the progress you want to make in managing ADHD.

How to get started:

Weekly sessions begin Wednesday, March 24th @ 8:30pm EST.
This group is limited to 10 participants.

To inquire about joining the Translating ADHD Project X Coaching Group, please answer the questions below so that Cam and Shelly can get to know you and determine if this group is a good fit for your coaching goals. Either Cam or Shelly will follow up to let you know if you have been selected to participate in the group and to discuss next steps.