Group Coaching

Group Coaching Focus:

Do you want to do your own Understand, Own, Translate work in an atmosphere of lightness and support?

Do you want to better understand your own specific ADHD dilemmas and shed light on the next steps?

Imagine tapping into the wisdom, community, and support of an informed group of participants who understand your brain wiring and how to help you move your own agenda forward.

Imagine accessing a proven coaching model based on the latest advances in ADHD, coaching, and neuroscience. Asher and Cam are thrilled to offer a series of group coaching courses to meet your specific needs and complement your own Understand, Own, Translate work. The classes naturally build from developing resilience and self care practices to taking the learning into your bigger spheres of influence with agency and purpose.

Upcoming Coaching Groups:

To inquire about joining a Translating ADHD coaching group, please fill out the application for the group you would like to join. Cam or Asher will follow up when we start to form the group with next steps.

All classes are now full. To inquire about joining the waitlist for our next Group Coaching Class, please email us at

For an investment of $750, this 8 week coaching program includes:
  • An industry-leading participant/coach ratio of 1:5, with Asher and Cam as your coaches
  • A proven coaching process that emphasizes a balance of action and learning
  • A cutting edge ADHD model to better understand your unique ADHD experience
  • A small group format that promotes individual attention and a wealth of collective wisdom
  • Follow-up accountability sessions embedded in the 8-week program to solidify new habit development

Group Coaching Topics


Acceptance is so hard for those of us with ADHD, yet so necessary to navigate the process of discovery and change with ADHD on board. Acceptance is a part of the “Own” portion of Understand, Own, Translate. Acceptance is in part an inflection point – a moment where we step off of one way of being and doing and strike out in a new direction. Acceptance is change, and change can be scary. In this course we use coaching concepts and principles from the podcast to support students to move to a place of acceptance and to embrace the change they want to see more in their lives.


This course is designed to help you get more clear on how your ADHD impacts you and your work. The concept of resilience is introduced in Episode 91: Resilience Practices with ADHD and is key to effective ADHD management. Ash and Cam often speak of resilience and how it relates to The Valley and Doing our Valley Work. They also speak of living at effect and the challenges of getting to causation with ADHD. Our Resilience class is all about essential Valley Work, not to eradicate this destination but to make it more manageable so we can move more quickly through it and back to agency and choice. The Understand, Own, Translate process along with Blame Sponge and the Emotional Pool are prominent themes in this course. Participants leave the class with more resilience to face difficult Valley moments and better awareness to identify and access resources to manage their ADHD more effectively.

Self Care

Self care is a foundational practice that creates the time and energy to do the work of creating change with ADHD. In this course participants build a foundation of internal and external self care practices with amazing positive support from the community.  We lay the groundwork for habit development and breakdown barriers that stand in the way to better daily practices.


Agency is having a sense of control and choice in your day. ADHD can make us feel beholden to some artificial timeline or a limiting practice that stifles creativity and individual expression. In this course we explore elements of agency like choice and advocacy and develop our Translating vocal chords – identifying and leveraging resources beyond us to create more agency in our day.

Project X

Whether you are a freelancer, a professional, or a business owner with ADHD, you are well acquainted with Project X. This is the project that is super relevant to you and your development as a professional and as a human. It is defining and revealing yet you gut and push and prod and pull and Project X will not budge. If you have ADHD it is likely that you are bumping up against some executive functioning challenge with regards to this initiative. In this course we will lay the foundation for you to make consistent effort on your own Project X.

Purpose with Asher

Purpose gives ADHD brains clarity, direction, and context. Yet the signals that inform purpose are subtle and can be challenging to identify with with an attention system that is attuned to listening to only the biggest signals. This course is designed to focus on the bigger question of purpose by tuning into those subtle signals. Asher sees purpose as being intrinsically linked to the who, and it is in examining the who that participants will discover elements of purpose and begin to form a sense of what informs their Big Agenda. More information and the application can be found here.

Equanimity with Cam

It’s important to keep a cool head when making important decisions or when faced with a work crisis. Keeping a cool head is more challenging, though, when ADHD is in the mix. In this course, Cam explores emotion beyond the basics of regulation and dares to view it as a resource that can be built like a muscle. He invites participants to take a creative approach to the concept and practice of equanimity. Equanimity is all about mental calmness in the face of challenge. Cam sees mental calmness not as a state but as an active practice utilizing specific emotional tools. ADHD makes sensing and accessing emotional tools more challenging. Using coaching, community and a cutting edge app, this class folds Positive Intelligence concepts into the context of living and leading with ADHD. More information and the application can be found here.

Long Form Coaching Subscription Series

As a result of completing several classes, Asher and Cam are realizing there are students who are really getting into the art and science of coaching. This class is a more cost-effective subscription series where Cam and Asher give ample space to coaching ‘in the round.’ Participants are coached in a long format, and then the coaching is followed by a discussion session on the coaching, the ADHD learning and the new awareness in the room. More information and the application for this class will be forthcoming.