Cameron Gott, PCC

In 2003 a seminal ADHD learning moment occurred when I realized my greatest challenge. I had a new awareness – that I did not complete things. Not only did I not complete tasks and projects, I did not complete conversations or even thoughts! I would map out a destination and start down a path, and before getting to any meaningful completion point I would jump to a new path lured by the excitement of a new idea or initiative. Nearly ten years after my initial diagnosis I was realizing the true impact of ADHD, and it was inhibiting my ability to make a rich and fulfilling life. Instead of shying away from this dilemma around completion, I leaned in and became an expert in all areas related to effective completion. I learned about ADHD, first and foremost. I also dug into all areas related to creating positive and sustained change. I developed coaching models related to change and wrote an ebook on positive accountability practices. Today I present, coach, train, and collaborate on a number of topics near and dear to my heart.

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Shelly Collins

I discovered that I have ADHD entirely by accident in 2014. I was working in my first business at the time as, of all things, a professional organizer when I attended Dr. Barkley’s conference session on working with ADHD clients. I always knew that there was something different about me that made it harder to do the things that I really wanted to do, but I chalked it up to the fact that I was simply lazier and less motivated than most people. Learning that there is a real reason that I struggle with things that seem easy for others was equal parts validating and terrifying. I knew one thing, if there was a way to solve this ADHD thing, I was going to find it. With ample help from Cameron as my coach, mentor, and friend, I’ve figured out that solving ADHD isn’t the solution I needed at all, but rather I needed to understand my own ADHD experience to create the change I was seeking. Meanwhile, my hands on experiences as a professional organizer with ADHD clients taught me that the biggest challenge those clients face is not disorganization itself, but creating and sustaining change. Today I present, coach, and collaborate on creating and sustaining meaningful change.

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