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Episode 35

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This week we are taking a pause to discuss our plans to make anti-racism a part of the culture of Translating ADHD. Both of your hosts believe that silence is complacency, and that we have a responsibility to use our platform to speak out against racism and to amplify the voices of our Black colleagues doing great work in the ADHD space. Here’s the plan:

Financial Support for Anti-Racism.

We launched our community for show patrons today. Gain access to our Discord community when you become a patron at the Translator level ($5/mo) via Patreon.

  • 100% of our proceeds earned via Patreon through 12/21/20 will be donated to anti-racism causes.
  • 10% of our proceeds earned via Patreon will be donated to anti-racism causes forever.

Amplifying the Voices of Black ADHD Professionals and ADHD Professionals of Color.

For the most part, the show you know and love will not be changing. Our primary format will still be conversations between Shelly and Cam. However, we recognize that the lived experiences of Black people and other people of color with ADHD have unique challenges and we want to make room to explore these topics with our colleagues who have the lived experiences to share.

Speaking on Anti-Racism Topics as Relates to ADHD

Cam and Shelly will continue examine current events from the ADHD lens. This will include, whenever appropriate, discussing relevant issues on the subject of anti-racism as relates to our adult ADHD audience.

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  • Thank you!
    This is so needed for the world– and for me. As a Filipina who was diagnosed at 50, I am looking back at my life where I have “failed”. If I were white, let alone a white man, with the same level of severity of ADHD, I probably would have not been seen as 2nd class citizen simply because I look “ethnic”. If people assume you are inferior/less intelligent (because they perceive you as a foreigner, thinking you to be Mexican/Pakistani/Chinese/Haitian/Somalian or whatever: “Aren’t they all the same? Who cares anyway”) and you make a mistake like, say, forgetting to go to a meeting or calling back a client, it validates and reinforces their beliefs about their superiority, and they assume you are too dumb for the job. Anne they fire you. But if you are already a part of the dominant group, maybe in the dominant group of the dominant group (white straight cis male) reactions would be more like – “Oh, he’s having an off day! Maybe his wife didn’t fix him a hot breakfast. Poor guy. Let’s go to Starbucks and surprise him with a latte and a ham and egg breakfast sandwich!”
    … so, yeah, this is needed. Thank you.

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Episode 35