Grieving for our Past Selves after an ADHD Diagnosis

Episode 64

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This week, Cam and Shelly dive into the topic of grieving our past selves. As coaches, we often work with people who come to us with a new ADHD diagnosis, and with that diagnosis comes new context. With that context comes both the awareness that there are real reasons that we struggle, and the grief for our past selves as we wonder what might have been different had we known sooner that we have ADHD brains.

We then discuss how grieving our past selves as ADHD adults isn’t a process we go through once, but rather a process that will happen many times as we do our own understand, own, and translate work. We bring in client examples and metaphors to illustrate how and when this type of grief shows up and how listeners can recognize this grief for what it is and begin to work through it.

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Episode 64