Putting Yourself in the Picture: Agency and Advocacy with ADHD

Episode 82

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As ADHD people, we can be so focused on the biggest signals that we lose ourselves in our own pictures. This week on the Translating ADHD podcast, Cam and Shelly pivot to introduce a new concept of agency and advocacy that will inform the next several episodes from articulating needs in relationships to whether to disclose your ADHD at your workplace.

The definition of agency we introduce is the social science definition that includes acting independently and exercising free choice. Often there are two camps when it comes to navigating conventional (and neurotypical) societal norms – to reject them wholeheartedly or to attempt to assimilate fully. We see agency as a path to navigate a rich middle ground.

Cam and Shelly also discuss their upcoming group coaching class Navigating the Lunch Counter and Cam shares a story of deliberately losing his executive functioning in the middle of the produce section of Wegmans Grocery.

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Episode 82