Managing Personal Relationships with ADHD

Episode 85

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Personal relationships can often be more challenging than professional relationships with ADHD in the mix. Just remove all of the work related structures like role, goal and objective and add elements like emotional investment and historical baggage and watch out!

Shelly and Cam continue their discussion on ‘seeing oneself in the picture’ as they explore personal relationships – typical personas like rescuer or bulldozer, common pitfalls like over extension or ‘making up for’ behavior and strategies to develop new understanding and exercise choice. They continue to  delve into the significance of concepts like expectations, needs and developing better personal boundaries. Finally, they look at the common challenges when neurodiverse individuals try to navigate relationships with neurotypicals.

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  • Is there any discussion that could be had around relatives that you can’t manage? It’s a bit of a personal request and I was hoping to hear about family and not just friendship in this episode, but it’s, again, due to personal reasons.

    Currently stuck between a rock and a hard place living with the mother-in-law who has bequeathed me the title of Homemaker/Dinner Maker while being a brick wall and not sympathizing with the executive dysfunction I have with ADHD and how hard it makes doing all of the things she wants me to do. She just goes ‘that’s Life ™’, and pushes new things on to me, which I do not appreciate and despite protestation.

    Sorry. Rant over. Thanks for the great episode! Boundaries are KEY, but they only work if both parties agree to them!

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Episode 85