ADHD PoC Voices: Kofi Obeng Shares his Journey as a Black Man with ADHD and his Advocacy Work

Episode 88

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This week we are delighted to present another special episode dedicated to exploring the lived experiences of people of color with ADHD by presenting an interview with ADHD Advocate Kofi Obeng.

Kofi is a mechanical engineer who lives in South Carolina. He was diagnosed with ADHD in the early 2000s. He is a father of sons with ADHD and has become very involved with the ADHD community. He is a co-facilitator of the African American/Black Diaspora ADHD Group at ADDA. ADDA supports adults with ADHD.

Join Cam in exploring Kofi’s own journey in discovering his own ADHD in college and how he has leveraged his knowledge to help his own children and the greater PoC ADHD community.

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Episode 88