Reframing Resilience, Support and Practice with ADHD

Episode 90

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Shelly and Cam kick off the second season of the Translating ADHD podcast! In this episode, we lay out what listeners can expect in the next 90 episodes. We reflect on our biggest learnings getting a 20,000ft. view of the podcast and review what our audience is wanting to see more of in each episode.

One request from our listeners is to have more examples of live coaching. Another is for us to provide listeners with more insight into how they can practice the concepts presented in the show in the “other 167 hours in the week”.

Shelly and Cam roll out a format that not only informs the podcast but also the Discord community and their group coaching efforts. The format revolves around the concepts of Resilience, Self-Care, Agency, Project X and Purpose.

These are the core elements that inform Shelly and Cam’s coaching work with our individual and group coaching clients. We will still look at common ADHD topics like time and distractibility but through the context of these five cornerstones for living a life that fits.

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Episode 90