ADHD and the Adrenaline Response Cycle

Episode 4

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Awareness of our ADHD experience is not just about being aware of what works, it’s also about developing awareness about the habits and behaviors that are getting in the way. In this episode of Translating ADHD, Cam and Shelly look at a common ADHD behavior that often gets in the way of change; that of delaying action until urgency forces our hand.

Using Cam’s Adrenaline Response Cycle model, we look at how those of us with ADHD often rely on urgency or anxiety as a motivator while discounting the effects of the crash and recovery part of cycle. Using examples from our own experiences as adults with ADHD, we discuss creating awareness around the impact of living on the ARC roller coaster which is the crucial first step to finding other motivation elixirs.

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Episode 4