Embracing Journey Thinking with ADHD

Episode 9

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Those of us with ADHD are often prone to problem based thinking, believing that if we could just solve the problem then everything would fall into place. In today’s episode, Cam and Shelly offer an alternative approach of journey based thinking.

Based on their work with clients and their own experiences, Cam and Shelly discuss two major components of journey based thinking. The first is defining your big agenda as an adult with ADHD which allows you to connect the work you are doing to manage your ADHD to the positive impact you are trying to create. The second is learning to go narrow before you go wide, which allows us as adults with ADHD to take the first step without letting the potential outcomes of the bigger agenda prevent us from taking action at all.

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  • From cam podcast number nine, “embracing journey thinking.“

    Discussing Part of goal work

    2:28 into the podcast
    Like cam’s other clients
    One of my core values his integrity.

    But it is one of the things that I really struggle with. Quoting almost directly out of the podcast:
    But it has nothing to do with my character or character flaws, or discipline (at least I want to believe this, and in good times I do believe this). It has everything to do with ADHD. Then ADHD is a challenge to being in integrity, doing as I say I will do, this hits home for a lot of individuals, hits at the core. All humans want to have an impact, but it is a challenge when you feel lack of integrity is involved in relationships.

    This is major ADHD challenge, doing what I you said I would do, and then not doing it for various and many ADHD reasons.

    Even if for ADHD reasons, it still exists and challenges integrity.

    So how to address this???

    My answer: The only way to work through this is to work on managing ADHD through a multi-pronged process, over time. But without moral judgement on myself. This is hard – hard to be comfortable in my own skin when I know it is ADHD, but worried/know/believe others viewing it as lack of integrity, just being lame, or who knows what “not good thing, but still judged.

    These things create feelings of “Imposter Syndrome”

    Co-existence with addiction recovery. Temptation of addiction never fully leaves and ebbs and flows in life, very much highly correlated with ADHD negative impact flare ups.

    This absolutely kills me inside related to addiction. My value and core belief inside, then addiction feelings and action that goes against it. Creates massive dissidence.

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Episode 9