Cause, Effect, and the Universal ADHD Question (pt. 2)

Episode 11

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In this continuation of last week’s episode, Cam and Shelly use examples from their own experiences as adults with ADHD to further illustrate both the difficulty and the importance of getting to cause with ADHD.

We also offer alternatives to the metaphor we’ve been using to illustrate the relationship between cause and effect and the impact of ADHD, and we expand on our existing metaphor to set up for next week’s episode where we bring the metaphor together.

Mt. Rainier Metaphor Illustration:

Cam’s illustration of our cause + effect metaphor.

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  • when you talk about idea generators and giving them away, Elizabeth Gilbert writes about that in Big Magic. I found her words incredibly soothing because of all my uncompleted projects and my books not written.

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Episode 11