ADHD and Experiencing Time

Episode 15

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Those of us with ADHD experience time differently. To complicate matters, our perception of time can vary based on individual ADHD manifestation and a number of outside factors. Today Cam and Shelly discuss some of the ways in which they and their clients experience time differently.

We also discuss how to begin developing awareness of your own experience of time as an adult with ADHD so that you develop strategies to get what matters to you while managing the amount of time that is given to or taken by others.

Cam’s Seven Factors to Action:

Take the item or goal on your list that has not budged and rank each of these areas from 1-10. The areas that fall below a 7 are the ones that speak to why this item is not moving forward.

  1. Level of interest
  2. Level of ease
  3. Level of urgency
  4. Level of fun
  5. Level of accountability
  6. Level of relevance or importance
  7. Level of emotional load

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Episode 15