ADHD and Doing What Matters

Episode 14

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As adults with ADHD we respond well to urgency, but not necessarily to importance. This often leads to us failing to act on the things that are important to us but will never be urgent; items such as career and business goals, self care goals, and self improvement goals. Today, Cam and Shelly discuss why these items are so difficult for us to get to action on as adults with ADHD, and how we can objectively evaluate what has us stuck here.

Cam’s Six Factors to Action:

Take the item or goal on your list that has not budged and rank each of these areas from 1-10. The areas that fall below a 7 are the ones that speak to why this item is not moving forward.

  1. Level of interest
  2. Level of ease
  3. Level of urgency
  4. Level of fun
  5. Level of accountability
  6. Level of relevance or importance

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Episode 14