This week Cam and Shelly continue the conversation around ADHD and negative self talk by exploring how we have each shifted in this area over time. We each discuss a recent scenario in which ADHD caught us off guard, what the consequences were, and how we were able to manage both the situation at hand and our ADHD tendencies. We then reflect on what might have gone differently prior to having done the understand, own, and translate work we advocate for on the podcast and with our clients.

Reflecting Questions for Listeners:

As we hit episode #13 (and counting!) Cam also pointed out that now is a great time as a listener to pause and reflect on your experience with the podcast so far. Here are the four questions he posed:

  1. What are you aware of?
  2. What are you learning?
  3. What is resonating?
  4. What is your practice?

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  • Someone recommended this podcast and especially being ADD I find it tough to stick with as so far (first 7 minutes) are all addressed to those who have listened to the previous 12 episodes. Unless this is only for those who listen to the entire program, it would be helpful if you had a sort of timeline/contents so we can skip the irrelevant (to us) part. Thank you.

  • Hi Adriana!

    It is helpful if you listen from the beginning! We approach this podcast as coaches, taking the same process of creating sustainable change over time as we do with our clients. We realize this content is not right for every listener (and that is okay!) but it is very much at the core of who we are and what we want to do with the show. Thanks for giving us a shot… we’d suggest our friends at ADHDRewired or ADHD Essentials for other podcasts to try on the topic of ADHD!

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