An ADHD Productivity Tool: REBEL and Remember to Remind the Brain

Episode 71

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This week Cam and Shelly continue their discussion on competence and confidence diving into Cam’s productivity tool REBEL by taking a closer look at R and Remember to Remind the Brain.

Remember to Remind the brain addresses the memory challenges with ADHD, and especially remembering in the moment. As ADHD people we connect and make meaning in the moment, however, we often forget what we know outside of that moment. How do we keep what is relevant front and center? What are the things that we have learned about our own ADHD experiences and what we know to be true about ourselves? This week, Cam and Shelly discuss how listeners can use Remember to Remind the brain to make these key connections in the moment in order to keep what is relevant front and center and to remember and apply what we know about ourselves.

The REBEL model:
Remember to remind the brain
Expand the mind
Balance the attack
Exposure to time, to new experiences
Limit scope, start with what you know

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Episode 71