Revisiting our ADHD Cause and Effect Metaphor: The Valleys

Episode 60

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This week, Cam and Shelly begin a series of episodes to revisit the Cause and Effect metaphor that we presented in episodes ten and eleven. In this episode and in the coming weeks, we will break down this metaphor to help listeners better understand language we use regularly in the show.

This week, we start by reminding listeners why we chose Mt. Rainier as the center of our metaphor. We then discuss the area of the metaphor that most of our ADHD adult clients find themselves in when they come to coaching: The Valleys below Mt. Rainier. We then use Cam’s experience to examine how we see The Valleys as the area of being in the effect of our ADHD behaviors, and how listeners can apply this model to begin to examine their own lived experience and start to move toward the next portion of the model, which we will discuss next week: The Lunch Counter.

Mt. Rainier Metaphor Illustration:

Cam’s illustration of our Mt. Rainier Cause and Effect Metaphor.

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Episode 60