Revisiting our ADHD Cause and Effect Metaphor: The Lunch Counter

Episode 61

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This week, Cam and Shelly continue a series of episodes to revisit the Cause and Effect metaphor that we presented in episodes ten and eleven. In this episode and in the coming weeks, we will break down this metaphor to help listeners better understand language we use regularly in the show.

This week, we continue our discussion by discussing where awareness work begins as ADHD adults: at The Lunch Counter. The Lunch Counter the place that ADHD adults find themselves in after diagnosis; the place where we start to learn about level-1 ADHD symptoms.

We then discuss the limitations of the Lunch Counter and why our model does not end here. While there is helpful information to be had in examining level-1 ADHD symptoms, the real work begins by examining combinations of symptoms and learning about one’s individual ADHD manifestation.

Mt. Rainier Metaphor Illustration:

Cam’s illustration of our Mt. Rainier Cause and Effect Metaphor.

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Episode 61